Our guide to Clash Royale gives help and advice on topics such as the cards, decks, Chests and arenas as well as resources such as gems and Elixir.

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Clash Royale is the latest mobile title of Supercell, the previously with Clash of Clans celebrated worldwide success. The game combines elements of card games such as Hearthstone with real-time strategy in the style of Moba as League of Legends . It come both cards towers and autonomous units used. To help you to start to play a bit, we have compiled this guide some tips and information about the basics of the game. We tell you, among other things, as you come to new cards, which resources and currencies there are, what is going on with the Chests (Treasuries) and what tactics will lead to success. Clash Royale Hack


The structure of the battlefield is always the same and is basically classic Moba comparable, but just a lot smaller. There are two ways, called lanes, which connect both sides of the card with each other and on both sides of the card is a base, which consists of three towers, the so-called Crown Towers:

King’s Tower: He stands in the middle, forming the core of your base. If he falls, then you have automatically lost the game. Your therefore should never lose sight of him. Should any of the Arena Tower are destroyed, he uses a gun for his protection.

Arena Towers flanking Two of these towers your King’s Tower. You may damage with ranged attacks enemy units and each cover one of the two lanes. The loss of such a tower is indeed problematic, but does not automatically lead to a defeat. Usually, although the two Arena Towers before the King’s Tower is destroyed.

Choosing the arena thus has no influence on your tactics, since they differ only in appearance.



Arena: How to obtain them:
Traning Camp directly available
Goblin Stadium makes Multiplayer
Bone Pit collect 400 trophies
Barbarian Bowl collect 800 trophies
PEKKA’s Playhouse collects 1100 Trophies
Spell Valley collects 1400 Trophies
Royal Arena collects 1700 Trophies



Required for: multiplayer battles search, buy tickets, improve / upgrade cards


Required for: a kind of energy that is required for the use of cards or troops and buildings.


Required for: Opening Chests buy gold, buy tickets directly, bypass waiting times.


For the chests (Chests) you are a total of four slots available and when the are full, you have to open a chest to release the court and be able to get another.

Chest / Chest: Description: Time to open:
Wooden (wooden) If one finds in the tutorial or under the Free Chests. 15s
Silver (Silver) Are you getting the most after a battle and contains some gold and 4 maps. Contained in Crown Chests. 3h
Golden (Gold) Are you getting the most when you defeat an opponent who has more trophies than yourself. Can also randomly drop.Contains some more gold than the Silver Chest and 14 Cards incl. 1 Rare card. 8h
Magical (magic) Are you getting very rare chance and if you get a new arena.Contains lots of gold and the following cards: 41 Awesome, 1 Epic, Rare 8. 12h
Free (free) Every four hours get her this free chest.
Crown Chest (free) Also this chest can you get regularly (every 24 hours), when you reach a score of 10 or more a day.


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